The most important question to answer is WHY because you need to know your WHY to fulfill your PURPOSE. When you fulfill your purpose, you become SIGNIFICANT.

I write articles for teenagers and am in the process of finishing a book. WHY?

I have a passion to teach teenagers how to become GREAT. To become SIGNIFICANT.┬áMy passion was born out of complacency, failure, and mediocrity. It took me seven years of teaching to realize that I was simply…average. I believe I have a natural ability to teach and connect with teenagers, but I was relying on my natural gifts to only GET BY.

During my seventh year of teaching, I had to cancel the basketball season because my team refused to practice. BASKETBALL! My biggest strength as an educator had turned against me! Correction..,I had turned against my team and basketball because as a leader, I allowed MY complacency and mediocrity to impact my players. Without realizing it, I had created a culture of mediocrity.

This was my crossroads…am I okay with mediocrity? Am I okay with going to work, teaching, collecting my pay check, and going home? Or…am I willing to change? Am I willing to pay the price to become SIGNIFICANT?

I made the life-altering decision to change. That summer, I attended leadership conferences, took a position at a basketball leadership program, read countless books, and watched hundreds of hours of leadership videos. I took pages and pages of notes, jotting down the best principles and practices that I heard.

When I came back to school and challenged myself to coach the same basketball team again, I was astonished at the change. My team had transformed into positive school leaders. At tournaments, they were known as the most respectful and polite team in the district. We would go on to win the district championship, defeating our opponents in the final by 40 points. Same team. Different year. What changed? I DISCOVERED MY WHY AND APPLIED IT RELENTLESSLY TO MY TEAM.

My why is to develop impactful student leaders who relentlessly chase excellence, significance, and greatness.

When I took the time to teach and implement simple, yet excellent principles to my team, they became leaders. They became significant both on and off the court. It is my desire, my WHY, to now teach you these same principles. I have seen them work with hundreds of teenagers across North America. It’s your turn.